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Therapeutic Music Training

Kathy graduated from the Music for Healing and Transition Program (MHTP) in 2008. As part of their program requirements, she did her internship in the neurology,oncology and palliative care units of Hartford Hospital. She has also worked for a home care hospice agency, in the ICU at Griffin Hospital, and at the Connecticut Children's Medical Center under a grant-funded program.

Labyrinth Work

Kathy is a Veriditas trained Labyrinth Facilitator. She can help you design a group labyrinth walk ceremony, accompanied by gentle harp music for the journey. The creative possibilities are endless in this deeply meaningful spiritual practice.

Professional Background

Physical Therapist for over 40 years -  M.S., 1977

Reiki Master Teacher

"The true healer neither knows nor seeks boundaries 

between the arts and medicine." ~ R.A. Lippin, M.D.

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